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MIIS Training Website

The MIIS Training Website allows you to practice using the features and functions of MIIS.

To access the MIIS Training Site v18.1 click here.

Please note: only fictitious patient data should be used in the MIIS Training Website; real patient data should never be entered here. If you need a login for the Training Website, please contact the MIIS Help Desk at 617-983-4335 or

MIIS Training Videos

The MIIS Training Videos provide a quick and easy way to learn how to login, navigate and use key features and functions of the MIIS. The videos are short in nature (5-15 minutes in length) and were designed to focus on specific topic areas of the system. Each video gives both audio and visual step-by-step instruction, to be used in conjunction or independently, on performing particular tasks and operations within the system.

How to Operate the Training Videos

Click on the linked video title you wish to view from the list below and your internet browser will open a new page and automatically begin playing the chosen video. In the lower right hand corner the total time elapsed for the video, counting down, is displayed. You can navigate through the video by selecting the video player controls that appear below the video using your mouse. Alternatively you can do this by hitting the tab or arrow keys on your keyboard to highlight the controls and then hitting the enter button to select the function you wish to use.

The following is a list of available videos:

Overview of the MIIS

Introduction, Login and Navigation (~14 minutes)
Provides an introduction to the MIIS and its main features. It covers:
  • Logging in and out of the MIIS
  • Overview of the MIIS Homepage
  • Overview of the Immunization Registry Module
  • Overview of the Vaccine Management Module
  • Basic Screen Navigation

Immunization Registry Module

Please note: we recommend that sites that are reporting data electronically to the MIIS through an interface connection between their EHR and the MIIS should view the videos marked with an asterisk (*).

  • Data Sharing (~14 minutes)*
    Discusses the MIIS patient Data Sharing policies and procedures . It covers:
    • MIIS Legislation
    • Informing patients about the MIIS
    • Objection (or Withdrawal of a Previous Objection) to Data Sharing
    • Impact of Data Sharing on MIIS provider sites and their patients
    • Protocol for changing a patient¬ís Data Sharing Status

  • Search, View, Edit, and Add Patient Records (~17 minutes)
    Explains how to search for and add a patient record. It covers:
    • Searching for an existing patient
    • Overview of a Patient Record
    • Editing a Patient Record
    • Adding a new Patient Record

  • View, Add, and Edit Immunization Records (~12 minutes)
    Explains how to enter immunization information for patients. It covers:
    • Adding immunizations to a Patient Record
    • Editing immunizations in a Patient Record

  • Add or View Historical Immunizations (~7 minutes)
    • Adding Historical Immunizations to a Patient Record
    • Viewing Historical Immunizations in a Patient Record

  • Clinical Comments (~10 minutes)*
    Explains how to view, edit or add clinical comments to a patient record. It covers:
    • Overview of the types of Clinical Comments available
    • The impact of Clinical Comments on a patient's Immunization Forecast
    • How to add and/or inactivate a Clinical Comment.

  • Immunization Forecast and Individual Patient Reports (~11 minutes)
    Discusses the IFM and individual reports that can be generated for individual patients. It covers:
    • The Immunization Forecast Module (IFM)
    • Overview of the Immunization Forecast Report
    • Certificate of Immunization
    • Vaccine Administration Record (VAR)

  • Duplicate Patient Records and Immunizations (~12 minutes)*
    Provides an overview of the comprehensive deduplication logic within the MIIS. It covers:
    • Overview of automatic deduplication of patients and shots in the MIIS
    • Duplicate Patient Queue functionality
    • Duplicate Shot Queue functionality

  • Reminder/Recall Report (~10 minutes)*
    Explains how to run a Reminder/Recall Report. It covers:
    • Overview of Reminder/Recall Report Parameters Screen
    • Running a Reminder/Recall Report
    • Viewing and Printing Reminder/Recall Postcards, Letters, and Labels

  • Coverage Report (~9 minutes)*
    Explains how to generate standard coverage reports to assess vaccination rates at your practice. It covers:
    • Standard Childhood Report
    • Standard Adolescent Report
    • Custom Coverage Report

  • Roster Entry (~9 minutes)
    Explains how Roster can be used for large, paper-based clinics:
    • Create and Save Rosters
    • Search Rosters
    • Enter Data and Submit Rosters

  • Patients Vaccinated Report (~7 minutes)
    Explains how to generate a report on all the patients vaccinated at your practice.

  • Practice Population Report (~5 minutes)*
    Explains how to generate a report on all the patients associated with your site in the MIIS.

  • Roster Entry (~9 minutes)
    Explains how Roster can be used for large, paper-based clinics:
    • Create and Save Rosters
    • Search Rosters
    • Enter Data and Submit Rosters

  • School Module

  • Student Assignment & Grade Advancement (~18 minutes)
    • How to assign students to a grade and school
    • How to advance students from one grade to the next

  • Assigning/Advancing Students through the Immunization Registry (~ 5 minutes)
    • How to assign or advance students directly through the patient's immunization record within the Immunization Registry module.

  • School Immunization Survey (~14 minutes)
    • How to submit a School Immunization Survey to the MDPH
    • How to use the Worksheet to assist you with completing the survey
    • How to view past Immunization Histories submitted to the MDPH

  • Vaccine Management Module

    Please note: we recommend that sites that order state supplied vaccine view the following training videos

  • Annual Provider Site Re-Enrollment (~12 minutes)
    Explains online annual provider re-enrollment for the MDPH Immunization Program. It covers:
    • Overview of Annual Provider Re-Enrollment functionality
    • Electronically signing VFC Agreement
    • Enrollment submission

  • Temperature Logs (~ 5 minutes)
    • Describes how to upload temperature logs to the MIIS.

  • Storage & Handling (~10 minutes)
    • How to report lost or expired vaccines to the MDPH Vaccine Unit
    • Jow to initiate vaccine returns through the MIIS

  • Creating New Vaccine Orders (~13 minutes)
    Explains how to order state-supplied vaccine. It covers:
    • New Vaccine Order Screens
    • Overview of Orders Worklist

  • Vaccine Inventory (~6 minutes)
    Provides an overview of managing your Vaccine Inventory. It covers:
    • Creating Baseline Inventory
    • Adding and Editing privately-purchased vaccine inventory

    Note: Providers must contact the MDPH Vaccine Unit if they need to add or edit their state-supplied vaccine inventory at 617-983-6828

  • Inventory Decrementing Tool (~12 minutes)
    Explains how to correct errors for current administered immunizations for the purposes of inventory deduction and data quality. It covers:
    • Inventory decrementing tool
    • Manage inventory

  • Vaccine Transfers (~9 minutes)
    Explains how providers can account for vaccine that is transferred from or into their vaccine inventory. It covers:
    • Vaccine Transfers Worklist
    • How to transfer vaccine to another site's vaccine inventory
    • How to receive transferred vaccine into your vaccine inventory

    Note: Providers are encouraged to contact the MDPH Vaccine Unit if they intend to transfer vaccine at 617-983-6828.

  • Vaccine Reports (~6 minutes)
    Provides an overview of the Vaccine Management Module Reports in the MIIS. It covers:
    • Daily Orders Report
    • Inventory by Provider Report
    • Vaccine Accountability Report